wild culture

Since the dawn of time story has bound us. From cave paintings to fireside yarns to movies. It has captured our imaginations, Taught us who we are. Story has won wars and kept the peace. it’s sent children to sleep at night, and kept them up too. Story is powerful, primal, a part of our wild nature. Story has held tribes and countries together. It has sold a billion dreams And cast many more votes. Story has won and lost empires. Religions harnessed it, writers and filmmakers perfected it. Today we have more ways of telling stories than ever. From podcasts to emojis, From social to virtual. Story remains as relevant as ever.

At wild we live and breathe your story - We scale to your needs. Social, digital, projections, animations. Wherever you can imagine it, we can make it.

We create stories you’ll love, stories you’ll remember, stories you’ll want to talk about.

How we work

We are a curious and enthusiastic tribe of directors, photographers, musicians, artists and writers. all dialled into the latest trends and dedicated to making unforgettable films.

We will get to the heart of your brand with smart research, in depth strategy and workshops.

We obsess over every detail, from first meetings to the final cut, it all matters. We love making the process of filmmaking seamless for our clients and moving for our audiences.

Part of the RCCO Group, we have a team of top designers, coders and engineers and our films and animations have garnered millions of views across social and YouTube.

Content strategy

How can we best communicate the idea to our audience?


We love big, exciting ideas. Every project is a fresh chance to make content that stands out and tells your story clearly and effectively.


Working with a specialist teams of directors, photographers, musicians, artists and writers. Need photographs? We do that too.


We offer full end-to-end design and animation, bringing life to complex subjects or adding stylised graphical elements to filmed footage.


We craft social campaigns and cut-downs to build and engage your audience across every platform.